PSG – The Oil-Rich Team That Amazed In UCL

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PSG – The Oil-Rich Team That Amazed In UCL

Chelsea vs PSG from 11 March 2011 will sure become a classic of UEFA Champions League. It was a match full of surprises. PSG was for sure the better team and deserved to go further the Quarter Finals, while Chelsea remained stuck in a tactic that led to a complete disaster.

What made the difference between the two teams? In my opinion the difference between Chelsea and PSG was made by the quality of football displayed by the two teams. While the oil-rich PSG tried to attack in both matches, Chelsea relied more on counter-attack and provocations.

Moreover, Zlatan’s sent off inspired his teammates to be even more ferocious and fight for an unexpected qualification. PSG players proved to be very resilient to be able to play 90 minutes without their star striker and come-back twice on the scoreboard. On the other hand, Chelsea considered the qualification was granted by Zlatan’s dismissal. Mourinho and his squad did not try to score and crush a wounded opponent, they just waited for counters to speculate the spaces. The only moment when Chelsea attacked was after Ibrahimovic’s red card, a moment when PSG was a bit confused and dishearten. It is true that during those good moments for Chelsea the referee should have awarded a penalty on Diego Costa, but this does not excuse the lack of football displayed during the rest of match.

PSG - The Oil-Rich Team That Amazed In UCL - David Luiz

David Luiz certainly had his revenge over Jose Mourinho. The curly Brazilian defender scored a bullet header that led the match in extra-time. David Luiz was not one of Mourinho’s favorites because the Brazilian likes to keep the ball and charge with it in the opposition’s half. As a result, the Portuguese manager sold David Luiz to PSG last summer for € 60 million. The Brazilian had his conflict with Mourinho, but he apologized to Chelsea fans for scoring against his former team.

Thiago Silva turned from devil to PSG’s saving angel in just 20 minutes. Silva committed a handball in the penalty area and Eden Hazard scored easily from the spot. It was a rare mistake from Thiago Silva’s side, a player that is renowned for his consistency and irreproachable defending game. Fortunately for PSG, Thiago Silva raised like phoenix bird from the ashes of his abyssal error and scored a splendid header in the 114th minute of the game.

PSG - The Oil-Rich Team That Amazed In UCL - Thiago Silva

Jose Mourinho commented after the match that PSG played an aggressive football. But how can he speak of something like that? Did he not see Diego Costas’ provocations? Diego Costa was way too aggressive and his only task was to provoke the opponents. It is not PSG who won the game, but Chelsea who parked the bus when it should have crush the opponent. If Mourinho can not acknowledge his tactical mistake, then he will lose again a qualification sometime in the future.

PSG played real football, giving everything for a victory that leaded in the Quarter Finals. Champions League will not be won by a small team (Porto, Monaco). The winner will be a team with a considerable budget and PSG is a team that certainly has the money to buy its way up to the final. However, I doubt that PSG will win UEFA Champions League this season because they are still an inexperienced team.

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