Sergio Aguero – A Blue Talisman

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Sergio Aguero – A Blue Talisman


Sergio Aguero is one of the best strikers in the world and undoubtedly the main goalscorer for Manchester City. The 26 years old Argentinian was the most prolific striker of the team since his arrival on Etihad in 2011 (30 goals in 2011/2012 season; 17 goals – 2012/2013 season; 28 goals – 2013/2014 season; 19 goals so far in 2014/2015 season). Sergio Aguero seems unstoppable when fit, but his injury proneness prevents him from being the best player in the world.  Kun Aguero’s career is full of periods with amazing stats, followed by long term injuries and then Sergio restarts scoring.  Without injuries, Sergio would be a very consistent player that could be a real threat for Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo for the Ballon D’Or.

The 26 years old Argentinian had an amazing start of 2014/2015 season scoring 19 goals, out of which 14 in Premier League. Unfortunately, Kun Aguero left out the field on Saturday due to a knee injury, leaving the Citizens without their top scorer. Without Sergio Aguero Manchester City struggled to score and only a penalty transformed by Yaya Toure got all the 3 points for the Citizens. The Argentinian was the most efficient striker in Premier League this season so far, scoring a goal every 75 minutes. City netted 32 goals and Kun Aguero was involved in 18 of them (14 goals and 4 assists). What is more impressive is the influence that he has in City’s squad – the Argentinian did not score or gave an assist against Stoke, Chelsea, West Ham, Swansea and Everton. Sergio Aguero was vital for Manchester City in Champions League as well, scoring 5 goals (the most important ones being the hat-trick against Bayern Munich). The amazing performance of the Argentinian striker against Bayern Munich was the saving hand that still gives City chances for an UCL spring. However, Manchester City will face Roma without their best striker and the Citizens showed that they have big problems in creating clean goal chances. Sergio Aguero scored 19 goals and had 7 assists in 21 appearances in all competitions for Manchester City, before leaving the pitch injured on Saturday.  Aguero’s injury might have dented City’s chances in the 2 most important competitions – Premier League and UEFA Champions League.

Sergio Aguero - A Blue Talisman

Manchester City spent € 1.2 billion on players since 2009, but the Citizens never been able to sign a striker as effective and influential as Sergio Aguero. Maybe Carlos Tevez’s performances might be close to the ones of Kun Aguero, but the Apache was too troublesome to have a certain continuity at the club. Aguero had a splendid first season, scoring 30 goals in 48 appearances in all competitions (23 goals in Premier League). The Argentinian’s 94-minute winning goal against QPR was vital for City to secure Premier League after 44 years. Unfortunately for Kun, the next season the knee injuries started to appear and dented his performances. Despite being injured, Aguero was Manchester City’s top goalscorer in all competitions (alongside Carlos Tevez) with 17 goals in 40 appearances. 2013/2014 season was a terrible season for Sergio Aguero, being injured for half of the season. Despite his long term knee problems, the 26 years old Argentinian scored 28 goals in 30 appearances in all competitions, being City’s top goalscorer for the third year in a row. Moreover, Sergio Aguero had the highest goals per minute ration in 2013/2014 Premier League season, scoring a goal every 115 minutes.

Sergio Aguero - A Blue Talisman

Sergio Leonel “Kun” Aguero Del Castillo was born on 2nd of June 1988 in Buenos Aires. When the little Sergio was only 3 years old, his family moved into Los Eucaliptus shantytown. This is where Sergio Aguero learned football and was immediately remarked for his talent. The little kid followed his father’s path, playing for small southern Buenos Aires’s clubs. Kun Aguero played as youth for Loma Alegre, 1 de Mayo, 20 de Junio, Pellerano Rojo, Bristol and Los Primos. Aguero joined Indepediente de Avellaneda’s youth team at the age of 9. Sergio Aguero was the most important player for Independiente’s youth team in 2002, when the club won Clausura and finished runners-up in Apertura. The talented Sergio Aguero debuted in the Argentinian national division at the age of 15 years  and 35 days, breaking the record of the legendary Diego Armando Maradona. Kun became a regular in Independiente’s main squad during 2005/2006 season, when he managed to score 18 goals in 36 league appearances and becoming fans’ favorite. This amazing performances was rewarded with a cap for Argentina’s U20 team (despite being 3 years below the cap). Aguero was instrumental for Argentina, which won the U-20 Word Cup. After an amazing U-20 World Cup, Kun Aguero was transfered by Atletico Madrid for € 23 million euro. Sergio Aguero managed to score 6 goals in his first season for Atletico Madrid. After the departure of Fernando Torres to Liverpool, the 19 years old Argentinian became a regular for Atletico Madrid, establishing himself as one of the most lethal strikers in Spain’s First Division. Kun Aguero formed a deadly duo with Diego Forlan, a duo that led Atletico Madrid to Europa League success in 2010 (the first European trophy for Atletico Madrid in 48 years). Sergio Aguero continued to be decisive and proved his immense talent for Argentina as well. He was the top scorer and best player of U-20 World Cup held in Canada; a competition won by Argentina. Kun Aguero was one the most important players for Argentina U23; the Pumas winning the gold model in 2008 Beijing Olympics. Aguero’s efficiency was demonstrated again in 2010 UEFA Super Cup, when the Argentinian striker scored and assisted Reyes. 2010/2011 was the best Atletico season for Aguero, who managed to score 20 goals in one season for the first time in his career. Atletico’s fan favorite left Madrid for Manchester City in 2011 for € 45 million.

The Argentinian is nicknamed Kun Aguero. This nickname goes back to his infancy, when he was watching cartoons at a neighbor’s place. The 2 years old Sergio was watching a Japanese animated TV Series called Wanpaku Amukashi Kum Kum, that presented the adventures of a cave boy and his family at the foot of Kum Kum Mountain. Sergio was always muttering Kum Kum during his childhood and as a result parents and friends called him Kun.

Sergio Aguero is the blue talisman for Manchester City, managing to bring one Premier League title with a late goal and keeping chances alive in UCL with a hat-trick against Bayern Munich. Kun Aguero is not only a talisman for the Citizens; being a real gem for every club for which he played. Sergio Aguero has no real weakness when fit and if he manages to avoid injuries the 26 years old Argentinian can be the best player in the world.

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