Quinton Jackson: MMA Rampage Mode

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Quinton Jackson: MMA Rampage Mode


Quinton Jackson is one the most charismatic MMA fighters. Rampage Jackson is considered by specialists and fans one of the most hilarious and intelligent mixed martial artist. The American’s trademark is the entrance in the cage with a heavy chain around his neck Jackson is the only fighter in MMA that howls before entering in the cage.

Rampage Jackson established himself as one of the toughest fighters in the world, a man that inspires fear to any opponent. Quinton Jackson is renowned for his brute force, natural resistance and resilience, trademarked slams against opponents in guard position and knockout power in both hands. Despite having a wrestling background, the 36 years old American focused on surprising his opponents with slams and then finish them with vicious punches. Quinton Jackson has amazing boxing skills and devastating overhand strikes that easily knockout any opposition. Quinton Jackson: MMA Rampage Mode

Rampage Jackson has 35 victories in 46 matches. His raw power and reckless fighting style rewarded him with 16 victories by KO//TKO. Quinton Jackson is capable of sustaining beatings and then recover in the later parts and win by decision (12 victories by decision).

Jackson started his wrestling career in high school. The American wanted to become a professional wrestler after graduating high school, before discovering mixed martial arts.  Quinton Rampage Jackson started his fighting career in 1999 in Las Vegas, under the supervision of Lewis Rumble. In just 2 years, Jackson had an outstanding record of 10-1 (being defeated only by Marvin Eastman). In those early days Jackson used his natural talent and awesome display of power.

The American decided to enter in Pride in 2001. The Japanese presented him as a homeless fighter. Quinton Jackson lost his first match in Pride against the Japanese legend Kazushi Sakuraba. However, the American left a very good impression after he managed to slam several times “The Gracie Hunter” to the canvas. The Japaneses reckoned the potential of Jackson and immediately considered him a rising star. Rampage Jackson surely did not let them down. Quinton recorded dominant victories in Pride in the next 3 years, defeating important rivals like the legendary Chuck Liddell, Kevin Randleman, Murilo Bustamente and Ricardo Arona, using his trademarked slams and powerbombs to end the matches, combined with devastating punches. However, Jackson could not defeat Wanderlei Silva for Middleweight title. Rampage seemed to have a complex against Wanderlei Silva in those 2 matches. Silva was always dominated and battered in the early stages of the matches by Quinton Jackson, but the Brazilian always managed to recover and end up Rampage with crushing head knees. Quinton Jackson: MMA Rampage Mode

After the collapse of Pride, Quinton Rampage Jackson decided to become a superstar in UFC. The debut in UFC was marked by a rematch with the first man who ever defeated Rampage: Marvin Eastman. Quinton crushed Eastman with punches in the first two rounds and Jackson had his revenge. Quinton defeated again UFC Hall of Famer Chuck Liddell and became the new UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, after knocking down Liddell with a series of punches after only 1:53. Quinton Jackson is the only fighter in history to have two wins against Chuck Liddell. Jackson became of the most famous UFC stars, having a rare fame that few fighters ever had. The next match put in the cage two of the most beloved American mixed martial artists: Rampage Jackson and Dan Henderson in a match for the unification of Pride Middleweight Title with UFC Light Heavyweight Title. Jackson won by unanimous decision after an amazing fight. Unfortunately, Quinton Jackson lost his champion title in the next match against Forrest Griffin. Rampage Jackson had finally manage to avenge his losses against his nemesis Wanderlei Silva in UFC 92, with a splendid left hook knockout.

After losing his last 3 UFC matches, the one man show Jackson decided to go and fight in Bellator. Jackson won Bellator Light Heavyweight Tournament this year after defeating Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal in the final after unanimous decision. However, Rampage Jackson seemed to somehow lost his edge and reckless that characterized him, having difficulties lately in many clinches (see the match against Joey Beltran). Also, Quinton Jackson is susceptible to takedowns, and have difficulties to get back up.

The charismatic fighter from Memphis, Quinton Jackson, established his legendary fame through epic wins against MMA titans like Wanderlei Silva, Chuck Liddell, Dan Henderson, Kevin Randleman and Kyoto Machida. The American will always be remembered for his amazing left hook knock-out against Wanderlei Silva or the epic overhead slam of Ricardo Arona in 2004. Rampage Jackson rose to prominence due his natural talent and power in both hands that simply crushed the opponents.

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