Keylor Navas: Costa Rica’s Guardian Angel

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Keylor Navas: Costa Rica’s Guardian Angel


Keylor Navas is the guardian angel for Costa Rica in World Cup 2014. The Costa Rican goalkeeper is one of the unexpected stars of the World Cup. Keylor Navas had an amazing 2013-2014 season with Levante and demonstrated his value in Brazil, being one the best goalkeepers of the tournament.

The Costa Rican shoot-stopper made 150 saves, compared to Thibaut Courtois who made only 71 in the last La Liga season. Courtois ended La Liga season with 19 clean sheets, while Navas finished on the second position with 16 clean sheets. These stats are amazing taking into consideration that Levante is a small team that had to face tough attacking opposition from Barcelona, Sevilla, Atletico Madrid or Real Madrid. Keylor Navas showed that he is a world class goalkeeper after he almost single-handedly created the end of season chaos in La Liga with a shutout against Atletico Madrid and some amazing reflexes on Messi’s shots in a tie against Barcelona. Keylor Navas: Costa Rica's Guardian Angel

Keylor Navas had waited enough to be in the spotlight. His story is about patience and hard work. The 27 years old goalkeeper started his career in Costa Rica in 2005, playing for Saprissa. He won CONCAF Champions League and 6 national titles with Saprissa. Navas was declared Best Goalkeeper in the Gold Cup in 2009. The Costa Rican goalkeeper was transfered by Albacete in 2010, Navas played the next  season in Spain’s second and third division.

Levante loaned him in 2011, with the possibility of a permanent transfer. In 2012 Levante decided to sign Keylor Navas for $200,000. However, the Costa Rican had to be patient and be an eternal back-up for Gustavo Munua. When Navas stepped in, everybody was amazed of by Keylor’s agility and remarkable reflexes. Keylor Navas‘ reflexes were demonstrated again before the World Cup when the Pablo Andujar, a Spanish tennis player, smashed ball with 160 km/h, which were repelled by the the shot-stopper. Keylor Navas: Costa Rica's Guardian Angel

Navas had a great World Cup so far. Neither Italy or England managed to score, while Uruguay manage to score only from a penalty kick. Against Greece, he was spectacular again saving his 10-man team in numerous occasions. Keylar Navas shined at the penalty shutout where he managed to parry Gekas’ strike. Costa Rica are the surprise of the World Cup and aim to create another upset against Netherlands. Keylor Navas: Costa Rica's Guardian Angel

Keylor Navas has a clear shot for World Cup Best Goalkeeper after Mexico’s Guilermo Ochoa went home. Furthermore, Navas attracted the interest of many important teams. For instance, Atletico Madrid is interested for a replacement for Thibaut Courtois, who most probably will return to Chelsea.


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