FIFA World Cup All-Time Top Scorers

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FIFA World Cup All-Time Top Scorers


Today I would like to present you FIFA World Cup All-Time Top Scorers. We can find on this list the best strikers in the world, among them we can mention Pele, Gerd Muller, Klinsmann, Batistuta or Gary Lineker.

The top position of FIFA World Cup all-time top scorers is occupied by the ever green Mannschaftstriker: Miroslav Klose with 16 goals. Ronaldo Luis Nazario de Lima occuppies the second position with 15 goals. They are followed by Gerd Muller with 14 goals in World Cup All-Time Top Scorers list, who scored 10 goals in 1970 and 4 goals in 1974. However, Gerd Muller’s performance is more inspiring due to the fact that he managed to score 14 goals in just 2 World Cup, in a time when this tournaments had only 16 participants.

Let’s talk about the first position of FIFA World Cup all-time top scorers: Miroslav Klose. The ever green Miroslav Klose helds the top spot of World Cup all-time top scorers with 16 goals. The German striker is the first players to score at least four goals in 3 different World Cup tournaments. Klose is Germany’s all-time top goalscorer with 71 goals in 133 appearances. He scored five goals in his debut World Cup, in 2002. Klose scored all his five goals in 2002 with headers, becoming the first player in the world to score 5 headers in a World Cup tournament. Miroslav Klose was the Golden Shoe of 2006 World Cup, scoring again 5 goals. He equaled Gerd Muller’s all-time goalscoring record in 2010, after scoring 4 goals (two against Argentina, one against England and one against Australia). Klose equaled Ronaldo’s record of most goals scored in World Cup in 2014 against Ghana. What is very interesting is that all Klose’s 16 goals were scored from the penalty area, proving that Miroslav is a lethal striker in the opposition’s area. Miroslav Klose scored 16 goals in 24 World Cup matches. Klose is one of the few strikers that s FIFA World Cup All-Time Top Scorers Miroslav Klose cored in 4 different World Cup tournaments.

Ronaldo was part of Brazil’s squad for 1994 World Cup, but he did not play. The Phenomenon is considered by experts one of the greatest football players ever. After winning the Ballon D’Or in 1997, Ronaldo was prepared for 1998 France World Cup, being considered the best player in the world. The Brazilian confirmed the expectations and scored 4 goals. After suffering a terrible knee injury that might have ended his career, Ronaldo came back in force in 2002 World Cup. Ronaldo scored 8 goals, won Golden Shoe of the tournament and lead Brazil to a fifth World Cup trophy. Ronaldo scored against every opponent in that tournament, except England (in quarter finals). The Brazilian scored two goals in the final against Germany and equaled Pele in the World Cup all-time top scorers (12 goals). Despite starting to become overweight and losing speed, Ronaldo participated in World Cup 2006 in Germany and scored 2 goals against Japan, equaling the legendary Manschaft striker Gerd Muller. Ronaldo scored his 15th World Cup goal against Ghana in Round of 16 match, becoming the second striker in history that scores at least three goals in 3 different World Cup tournaments (after Jurgen Klinsman).  Ronaldo scored 15 goals in 19 World Cup matches, being the until 2010 the striker with the most goals scored in World Cup. FIFA World Cup All-Time Top Scorers Ronaldo Luis Nazarario de Lima


Is there any chance that someone will beat this record? Hard to say, really! There is no one in the top of World Cup all-time top scorers  Klose because most of them are retired. However, there is one guy worth mentioning: Thomas Muller. Thomas Muller scored 10 goals in 2 World Cups (5 goals in 2010 and another 5 goals  in 2014). What is more important is that Thomas Muller (top scorer of World Cup 2010) is only 24 years old, so he has a long standing career in front (at least one more World Cup). Moreover, Thomas Muller is one the most efficient strikers in World Cup, scoring 10 goals in 13 matches.

That’s it everybody! Those are were the World Cup all-time top scorers: Miroslav Klose, followed up by Ronaldo and Gerd Muller.



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