Why Does Luis Suarez Bite?

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Why Does Luis Suarez Bite?


Let’s talk today about why does Luis Suarez bite. Luis Suarez bite history has roots in a dark world from which the Uruguayan desperately tries to run from. I will present you an incredible story about winning spirit, love and desperation. Whether this story explains the aggressive behavior of Luis Suarez or not, it is a story that at least make us understand the hard life that the Uruguayan had.

Luis Suarez is loved by all Uruguayans, being a model for everyone, a successful boy that managed to become a world superstar through hard work and strong will. After you read why does Luis Suarez bite you will understand that he is loved both my his mentors, but also by people that suffered because of his behavior.
There were stories that a young player called Luis Alberto Suarez Diaz, 15 years old, head-butted a referee. The blooded referee sent off a furious Suarez. Later on, Luis Suarez bite Otman Bakkal at his last match for Ajax, in November 2010. It seemed like a crazy gesture that created a buzz around why does Luis Suarez bite. The Uruguayan did not stop and bite Branislav Ivanovic in 2013, in a Liverpool-Chelsea match. He did again in World Cup 2014, bitting Giorgio Chiellini. Let’s find out why does Luis Suarez bite! Why Does Luis Suarez Bite?

Luis Suarez’s past hides a dark world, a world of violence, desperation and explains Uruguayans behavior.  Uruguayan football is flooded with mobsters that rule the football clubs. Drug dealers are using the players to move on large quantities of cocaine or to bribe referees. For many Uruguayans football is an escape route from poverty, murders and abuses.

The aggressive behavior of the most efficient striker in Europe in 2013-2014 is more a fight for not being dragged back in Uruguay, alongside drug dealers and mobsters, and explains why does Luis Suarez bite.

The past of Liverpool’s strikers hides a violent story about which only few people know. There is no file about Luis Suarez hitting a referee in 2003. That is because the story was covered up and there is no incident reported to the Uruguayan Federation.

Suarez was born in a poor family, and his violence is explained by his struggle to overcome the poverty of his early life. The poverty stopped Suarez for having trials at better teams or to buy football equipment. Thus, Luis had to play for Nacional youth team. His father left him in early childhood, so that Suarez found a family in his teammates (with whom he was playing since he was 8 years old).  Suarez was playing in a very talented National team, but even from that age he was considered far better than anyone else. Unfortunately, Suarez was very affected of not having any longer a father and started drinking and skipping football trainings. Luis Suarez was waisting his life and his coach was trying to save him and bring him back on the right side, because the striker was having that furry that we still see nowadays, but he was lacking the grace and determination to win. Why Does Luis Suarez Bite?

Suarez met at the age of 15 a blond girl called Sofia Balbi. Suarez worked as a sweeper in order to have money to invite Sofia out. Sofia saved him, telling him to stop drinking and losing his life and focus more on education and football. Suarez improved a lot and was invited in Balbi’s family, who took care of the young Luis, as it was their child. For the first time in his life, Suarez sensed that he was accepted and belonged to something. that receives affection and has a real family. However, Balbi family moved to Barcelona in 2003, when Luis was 16.

That was the moment when Luis Suarez created one of the teenagers dreams: he will focus on football to become the best in the world and to transfer to an important club from Europe in order to meet again Sofia. This moment transformed Suarez in a goal machine.

Then it came the controversial moment when Suarez head-butted the referree in November 2003. Luis scored 63 goals in that season and Nacional was playing against Danubio in order to win the youth championship. Most important was the fact that it was the match that could decide who was going to be promoted to Nacional senior squad. There were 2 possibilities: if Nacional win the match they become champions. if they lose they will have to play again next week against Danubio. With 15 minutes left and one goal behind, Luis Suarez slided hard into an opponent and was sent off (the witnesses said that the referee was looking for an opportunity to show the red card for young Luis). For Suarez was a nightmare, understanding that he can no longer help his teammates (that Suarez considered his family) in the next match and can put an end to all his dreams. After losing his love, his new family (Balbis), Suarez could not accept of letting down and losing another family (his childhood friends and teammates). Nervously, Suarez hit the referee with the head and was hardly forced out of the pitch. Why Does Luis Suarez Bite?

Now the story becomes more interesting because Suarez was considered by many specialists a potential star. As a result, Nelson Spillman, Chief of juvenile football in Uruguay, who was also a National fan, threatened the referee to change the game report so that there is no player sent off and no incident. The referee refused and Suarez was suspended, but Spillman covered up the story and destroyed the report. The story was uncovered by an investigation reporter, Ricardo Gabito. Spillman hired a hitman to kill Gabito, but the attempt failed. However, Gabito loves Suarez and considers him the best player in the world.

So why does Luis Suarez bite? Because he wants to run away from this world, full of violence. because Luis does not want to be dragged back there into poverty. He once told a journalist that he is afraid to lose a ball because it can destroy everything he worked for.

Suarez’s dream come true when he was transfered to Groningen in 2006. Ajax bought him after one season at Groningen and Luis became world class striker. Luis Suarez married the blond girl called Sofia in 2009. They have 2 children together. Luis Suarez is a completely different with his family, compared to the Cannibal from the pitch. Why Does Luis Suarez Bite?

I hope this story responded to the question why does Luis Suarez bite. It is a story of love, desperation, strong will and after all achievement. His friends, mentors and teammates and all Uruguayans understand Luis Suarez, because he succeeded in life. They understand his fear of losing his family and being dragged back in a strange violent world. Why does Luis Suarez bite? Because he wants to protect his family (the people he love most and worked really hard for). Why Does Luis Suarez Bite?





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