Is Really Argentina Favorite for World Cup 2014?

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Is Really Argentina Favorite for World Cup 2014?


Today we are going to talk whether is Argentina favorite for World Cup 2014. I have included Argentina on my list of possible winners of World Cup, but the match against Bosnia and Herzegovina seemed that Argentina has much more work to do in order to improve.

The match against Bosnia Herzegovina left the negative impression that it is indeed Argentina favorite for World Cup 2014. Sabbela’s first 11 was very offensive, with a powerful duo Messi-Aguero, backed by the Angel Di Maria and Maxi Rodriguez.

It is the first participation for Bosnia and Herzegovina at World Cup. The team scored 30 goals in their qualifying group and seemed prepared to fight with the Pumas.

Maraca was full of people curious to see why is Argentina favorite for World Cup 2014. The fans came to support Argentina because of their last statements that this is the moment when they will finally make it: Messi’s generation will win the World Cup.

Is Really Argentina Favorite for World Cup 2014?

The match seemed to confirm everyone expectations. that Bosnia will not be able to resist to the Argentinian force. After only 144 seconds, Argentina had 1-0 after an own goal. A free kick executed by Messi, Aguero misses the header and the ball hits a surprised Kolasinac and enters into the net. Everything seems to work according to the plan and it would only be a matter of time until Argentina will score again.

However, it happened the opposite. Bosnia started to attack, playing courageously and having some goal attempts. Dzeko and Hajrovic had important chances that mute the Argentinians present on Maracana. Bosnia continued their charges, profiting from a lack of lucidity in Argentina’s play. Luckily, the score remained 1-0 after 45 minutes, and people started to ask if they should consider any longer Argentina favorite for World Cup. The Pumas seemed to be ripped apart in the middle, where it seemed that Mascherano was not the creative guy who must deliver the balls in front. With Messi not having again a good game and a Maxi Rodriguez out of form, Argentina seemed a team that struggled to deliver balls for their strikers.

Sabella substituted Maxi Rodriguez with Gonzalo Higuain, in order to give a more creative role to Messi, who must come in the middle to collect balls and deliver them in front. However, Messi did seem to have another appalling match, missing many passes, shooting out wide and being whistled by the fans.

Despite all these, Messi proved he is a genius, scoring a wonderful individual goal, after a short combination with Higuain. It is the second goal in World Cup for 4 time Balon D’Or winner. Messi seemed to regain his pleasure of playing, not missing passes, easily dribbling the opponent, the fans were no longer whistling him. Everybody in the stands seemed to happy and were having again in mind: Argentina favorite for World Cup 2014.

Bosnia started to play even more offensively and managed to score in 86th minute. Ibisevic scored Bosnia’s first goal at World Cup. In the last 5 minutes of the game Bosnia had a final forcing, but they did not manage to score.

Is Really Argentina Favorite for World Cup 2014? Vedad Ibisevic

This match made me ask this question: is really Argentina favorite for World Cup 2014? Argentina seems to rely on Messi’s shinning moments, and the first 11 aligned last night showed that the team had some dents in the midfield, lacking a creative guy who should deliver the balls to the attackers. Argentina will probably not be troubled by Iran or Nigeria in the next matches, but in the final stages the Pumas might prove not good enough against teams like Holland, Italy or Brazil.



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