The Fastest Sprinter Ever: Usain Bolt

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The Fastest Sprinter Ever: Usain Bolt


The Fastest Sprinter Ever is by far Usain Bolt. The Jamaican set 2 world records in 100m and 200 race. Also, Usain Bolt is the olympic record holder in 100 m race – 9.69 seconds.

Usain Bolt is the fastest man on the planet with 9.58 seconds in 100 meter race and 19.19 seconds in 200 meter sprint.  Bolt set another world record in 2012 London Summer Olympics, as part of the Jamaica 4×100 meters race, an astonishing 36.84, when Usain equaled the performance of Asafa Powell for the fastest anchor leg: 8.70 seconds. The Fastest Sprinter Ever: Usain Bolt How fast is Usain Bolt – the fastest sprinter ever? Usain Bolt set the current world record in 100 meter sprint in 2009 Berlin World Championships. According to data collected, Usain reached a top speed of 12.27 meters/second, or 44.1 km/h. WOW! Usain Bolt reached this top speed around 65 meters, and establishing for the second time the fastest sprinter ever, beating his own record of 9.72 seconds.

What is more impressive at Usain Bolt is the easiness of movement and the perfect biomechanics of his body. Usain Bolt set a new world record in 200 meter sprint also in 2009 Berlin World Championships. Bolt had the opportunity to improve the world record in 2012 London Summer Olympics, but he slowed down on the final 20 meters, leaving the impression that he was simply jogging and crossing the line in 19.32 seconds. The fastest sprinter ever looked back to see where Johan Blake was and slowed down, knowing that he has the first place in the bag. What if he would have not looked back? In that case, Usain Bolt would have improved his olympic record in 200 meter race, set in 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics.

However, is really Usain Bolt the fastest sprinter ever? There are many debates that argue that given similar conditions to all best sprinters, Usain would not be the first to cross the finish line. Bolt has top notch facilities to train and he benefited from the technological improvements of the equipment and track field, better nutrition and medical assistance. Bolt runs in special designed shoes, that maximize speed, has an army of nutritionists behind him, who look for any vitamin deficiency, his coaches and trainers are experts in human kinesiology and correct any aspect of his running technique. How will Carl Lewis perform, given the same conditions? Lewis’ personal best was 9.86 seconds in 1991, probably in the current conditions would reach somewhere around 9.6 seconds. What about the mythical Jesse Owens? Jesse ran on dirt tracks, compared to Bolt who competes on Mondo tracks, specially created to increase the bouncing rate of the sprinters. Also, compared to Jesse Owens, the Jamaican uses staring blocks that improve the acceleration. Usain has equaled Asafa Powell’s fastest electronically timed anchor leg in 4×100 relay – 8.70 seconds; but Bob Hayes was hand-timed between 8.5 and 8.9 seconds in 1964, on a cinder track. Would Hayes be the fastest sprinter ever? Other claim that Neanderthals would outperform any current athlete. The answer to who is the fastest sprinter is more a philosophical one, a debate that will never end. 100 m sprint world record progression The Fastest Sprinter Ever: Usain Bolt

John Barrew, Cambridge mathematician, claims that Usain Bolt can go as fast as 9.45 seconds.

Whether Usain Bolt is or not the fastest human on planet is not important. The Jamaican is part of the new generation of sprinters that tries to break the 9.50 seconds barrier. Usain Bolt can definitely improve his times, especially if  he improves his sluggish start.


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