Belgium World Cup Winners?

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Belgium World Cup Winners?


Belgium World Cup winners, sounds crazy, but with a bit of luck they might have a chance! Why?

As I have already said in my previous article, Belgian Red Devils have a very good team, capable of many surprises because they combine experience with the youthfulness of Courtois, Hazard or Lukaku. The players are very versatile, being able to play on different positions, showing a greater depth that most of the World Cup participants.

Why would Belgium World Cup winners be something possible? Because 2014 Brazil FIFA World Cup is a tournament full of surprises. Spain will go home after the group stages (after scoring only 1 goal in two matches), England (lost 2 matches after showing real weaknesses in defense), Costa Rica beat both Italy and Uruguay. Do you need more reasons? Belgium World Cup Winners?

Now let’s talk about Belgian Red Devils! In the first match against Algeria, they did not play very well, but managed to recover just in time and use the momentum to win. In the last 20 minutes Belgium looked like a real team that wants to win everything and crush its opponents. The first half of the game against Algeria showed a boring Belgium, unable to reach in the opposition’s penalty area. The penalty transformed by Feghouli added more pressure on Red Devils. Lukaku and Chadli seemed unable to find the net or to enter in combination with their teammates.

The second half seemed to start on the same path, with a Belgian team unable to find the way to Algeria’s net. However, Marc Wilmots made to decisive substitutions: he sent in Marouane Fellaini and Dries Mertens. After 70 minutes, Algeria seemed to be a bit tired and slowing a bit the pressing. The Belgian fighting spirit was there from the very beginning, but it needed a spark that would ignite the hell for Algeria. Belgium World Cup Winners? Marouane Fellaini

Kevin De Bruyne centered from a free kick and Fellaini scored with a super header. That was the moment when the Red Devils unleashed the furry! That was what they needed! Fellaini gave them that spark, since he entered on the pitch he seemed like a real threat for the opposition. Moreover, Fellaini played as an attacking midfielder, a position in which he excelled at Everton. Marc Wilmots’ boys were back in the game and this goal boosted their morale.

Fans started to dream again about Belgium World Cup winner! And they had reasons. Belgian Red Devils pushed the game in opposition’s penalty area and missed a few good chances (Fellaini, Origi and Witsel were unlucky not score). After a well timed tackle on Feghouli, Belgium launched a counter and Hazard perfectly assisted Mertens who scored with cold blood. 2-1 for Belgium and everybody was happy that Belgium restarted to rise to the expectations. Belgium World Cup Winners? Marouane Fellaini

Moreover, Belgium World Cup winners might become true if Red Devils do not fall into the curse of the European teams that disappointed at this World Cup. All European teams seemed to have difficulties to score (except France against Switzerland), even Netherlands won the match against Australia after 3 personal executions, rather an elaborate team play. Marc Wilmots’ team must play all time like they did in the final 20 minutes of the game against Algeria. In the final stages, Belgium might be lucky and reach easily in the final. They will probably against Portugal or USA in Round 16, therefore an easy match. In the quarter final they might play against Argentina. Belgian Red Devils might have an easy match against Argentina, who struggled to win the match against Iran with Messi’s late goal. Argentina seems impotent in attack, always dependent on Messi’s inspiration. Belgium can always win important matches because of better squad depth and fighting spirit. The team must emulate around Fellaini and Kompany, who have a warrior mentality of never backing down and total dedication for the win. Belgium: World Cup Winners? Marouane Fellaini

Belgium World Cup winners seems very likely after all, isn’t it? Well let’s see how they will play against Russia! Keep the winning spirit and you will succeed!

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