Sports Evolution Influenced Human Body

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Sports Evolution Influenced Human Body


Sports evolution influenced the natural development of the human body and created the record frenzy. Sport becoming a professional activity influenced how the entire industry with new training methods, nutrition plans and technology that shaped another gene: the sport human. This sport human is in a constant fight with the records in an insane endeavor or breaking off all barriers.

Technology is not the only thing that pushes the limits of the athletes and improves their performance. The evolution of sports created this new gene of sport human, who not superior in any way to others, but is better constructed to the activity that he is practicing. For example, in the early 20 century the doctors’ description for athlete was: medium height and weight, medium built was the perfect constitution for any sport. As a result, there was no difference between high jumpers and shot putters. Sports evolution accelerated after Second World War and scientists and coaches understood the you need a different body for different niches. As a result, athletes started to differentiate themselves. The current results of shot putters are with 90-100% better than the ones of the first olympians in 1896. On the other hand, nowadays high jumpers have improved with 30% the results of 1896 olympians. This improvement of the results is due to the fact that shot putters have increased their weight with nearly 59 kilograms and jumpers is higher with 6.35 centimeters. Sports evolution imposed different body builds for different kind of sports, imposing differentiation between athletes. Sports Evolution Influenced Human Body

The need for niched bodies skyrocketed when sports became a business offering huge financial incentives and a lot public image. NBA signed a revolutionary agreement in 1993 in which players became partners and could receive premiums from ticket sales and TV rights. As a result, any tall boy who could play basketball had the goal to reach to a NBA team because of the huge money offered. As a result, 10% of the NBA players have more than 2.10 meters. Sports Evolution Influenced Human Body NBA

Compared to DaVinci’s Vitruvian Man those giants from NBA look abnormal. According to Da Vinci the length of the outspread arms is equal to the height of a man represents the ideal proportions of a human being. Funny isn’t it? Well let’s compare the Da Vinci’s definition with the body of NBA players. NBA players’ length of the outspread arms is higher than their body.

Thus, sports evolution imposed that niches were body built matter, athletes became larger and taller and a lot stronger. On the other side, in sports were slim body is an advantage the athletes become smaller and smaller.

This sports evolution created certain types human bodies that are required to perform well in that particular area. For instance, polo players’ forearm is longer than the rest of the arm. Sports Evolution Influenced Human Body polo

Swimmers’ ideal body should have long abdomen and short legs, while sports evolution imposed that runners should have long legs and short middle body. Despite being taller with 18 centimeters, Michael Phelps has the same legs length as Hicham El Guerrouj, mile run world record holder.

In conclusion, the evolution of sport created a new type of human being: the athlete one, always in a continuous race with himself and with the records. However, this evolution imposes certain transformations of the human body that sometimes are abnormal.

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