Ron Hill’s Streak

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Ron Hill’s Streak

Can you imagine that someone did not miss a single day of running in 49 years, 5 months and 11 days? This means 18,059 running days! Well, this is Ron Hill’s streak, who did not miss any day of running since 20 December 1964, a date that goes back to his early career. Ron Hill’s streak is defined as any running distance over a mile.

This real Forrest Gump, Ron Hill started his streak in 1964, when he was just 26. Ron Hill started his never ending streak 2 months after he run for Great Britain in Tokio Olympics marathon, finishing 19th, a race that was won by the legendary barefoot marathoner Abebe Bikila.
Ron Hill's Streak

During Ron Hill’s streak, the Brit managed to set four world records: 10 miles (16 km) (47:02 minutes, Leicester, April 1968; 46:44 minutes, Leicester, November 1968); 15 miles (24 km) (72:48.2 minutes, Bolton, July 1965); and 25 kilometers (16 mi) (75:22.6 minutes, Bolton, July 1965). Also, Ron Hill is the second man to break the 2 hours and 10 minutes barrier in 1970, when he won gold medal in Commonwealth Games in Edinburgh. Unfortunately, Ron Hill’s streak does not claimed a marathon world record, mainly because the exceptional times set by Derek Clayton, from Australia. Ron Hill’s personal best is still one the best marathon times in history, taking into consideration that in 2012 London Olympics the first British to cross the finish line came after 2.16.50, and the the fastest marathon ran by a British runner in 2012 was 2:13:41 In 1970 Hill, also, became the first British runner to win Boston Marathon, with a race record of that time (2:10:30).

Ron Hill’s streak consists of more than 160,000 miles ran and 115 marathon participations, out of which Ron won 18. Ron Hill completed 112 marathons under 2:50, 103 under 2:45 and 29 under 2:20. The streak also consists of Ron Hill running in 100 different countries before 70th birthday. Ron Hill’s last marathon was in 1996, in Boston, when 26 years later after his first participation he finished in 3 hours and 12 minutes. Ron Hill's Streak

Ron Hill’s streak was not stopped by a car crash in 1993 and a bunion surgery. After the surgery Ron Hill ran using a clutch 1 mile in 27 minutes.

But is going to end Ron Hill’s streak? In December 2014 when Ron Hill workouts will reach 50 years milestone? He says he will not stop: “That would be an achievement. I can’t think of anything else matching that. No, why should I stop? It keeps me fit. It does me good, health-wise. What’s the reason to stop?”

What do we learn from Ron Hill’s streak? That we should not give up no matter how hard is. Get to the start line and achieve your objectives, whether is a marathon or life. It is not easy, but you if you don’t do it you will not succeed! Work for your goal!

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