Inspirational Story: Heather Dorniden

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Inspirational Story: Heather Dorniden


What I am going to write about today shows us all that anything is possible, that we should believe in ourselves and come back fighting like real champions! This inspirational story about an obstacle she encounter that was a huge setback, and she definitely didn’t go with the line: ‘I’m hurt and I quit’! One of the most inspirational stories I have ever witnessed! She BELIEVED and showed us nothing impossible with a made up mind! Her desire to finish speaks volumes! This girl was on fire! She was focused and kept moving forward! Once again this is proof if you are determined and have that passion to be ferocious in battle, you’ll definitely be magnanimous in Victory! She’s Dedicated, she’s courageous, and she’s Unstoppable! Her name is Heather Dorniden.

This is not going to be a long inspirational story, the images speaks more than any words that I can write. The video says more than a million words. Inspirational Story: Heather Dorniden

Heather Dorniden is a 9 Time All American and one of the most highly decorated track athletes in the history of the NCAA. Since graduating in 2009 with a 3.9 GPA in Kinesiology, Heather has embarked on a professional running career with Team USA Minnesota.

This inspirational story happened in March 2008, and Heather Dorniden will be remembered for the amazing race in 600 meter final at Big Ten Indoor Championships. The event was held in Minnesota, so Heather Dorniden was running in front of his friends and family. The video that you are going to watch was recorded by Heather’s father.

With 200 meters to go and in the lead pack of four runners, Dorniden’s feet got tangled up with those of another runner, and she fell. But it did not matter for Heather Dorniden! She instantly raised up and continued running. This is the perfect example of a mentally strong athlete, she decided that she has to end the race no matter what! Inspirational Story: Heather Dorniden

By the time she got back up, she trailed the lead pack by about 30 meters with less than 200 meters to go. In a race that’s essentially a sprint. Heather did not surrender, pushed her limits, believed in a comeback and miraculously won the race in a grand finale for this inspirational story.

Even if Heather Dorniden would not have won the race, this would have been an inspirational story of a an exemplary mental attitude, because she immediately get up and was ready to fight again, not losing her pace.

Heather Dorniden came down the final stretch running with determination, power and grace. Her will to win sets the bar higher for all of us and teaches a valuable lesson: to never give up. This is was the inspirational story: Heather Dorniden!


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