K1 Best Fight: Ernesto Hoost vs Remy Bonjasky

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K1 Best Fight: Ernesto Hoost vs Remy Bonjasky


Let’s speak about the best fight I have ever seen. It was during the Golden Age of K1. It was a clash between two generations, on one part was Ernesto Hoost, Mr Perfect – four times K1 World Champion; on the other part was the Flying Gentleman, Remy Bonjask, the defending champion. It was an incredible match and by far the best fight that I have ever seen because Hoost managed to resist four rounds despite having 38 years, while Bonjasky splendidly came back from two difficult rounds.

The first round was dominated by Ernesto Hoost’s experience who launched devastating combinations of jabs and low kicks. Bonjasky tried to fight back with his low kicks and knee attacks. Hoost was always on offensive despite his age, while Remy Bonjasky seemed to be stunned by the respect for Mr Perfect. K1 Best Fight: Ernesto Hoost vs Remy Bonjasky

The second round of the best fight started like the previous one, with Ernesto Hoost on the attack, while The Flying Gentleman relied more on counters. The moment when Bonjasky started the offensive was when he decided to unleashed his flying kick. From that moment the K1 defending champion started to press more Hoost.

The third round was definitely the most spectacular one that I have ever seen. It was a display of warrior spirit, technique and resilience. In a round when many fighters would have preserved their advantage, Hoost continued to fight wit Remy. The Flying Gentleman started in force in order to recover the two lost rounds, but Mr Perfect always replied with punches and low kicks. It seemed that the age did not affect at all the stamina of the experienced Ernesto. K1 Best Fight: Ernesto Hoost vs Remy Bonjasky

The decision was in my opinion a little bit controversial because after 3 rounds Hoost seemed to be the one in advantage. However, I write about the best fight in order to present this display of technique, power and energy, an example of perfect fight for many practitioners.

In the extra round Ernesto tried to launch his combinations but seemed to lack the force. The exhaustion seemed to catch back 38 years old Mr Perfect, while Bonjasky jumped on him with all he had: jabs. hooks, high kicks, knee attacks. Finally, the age seemed to be in the advantage of Remy, who was declared winner.

This is the best fight that I have ever seen and I am still amazed how well Hoost managed to fight at 38 years old. He showed that his experience and training could match the most in-form fighter of that time: Remy Bonjasky. The match was superb because they did not enter in prolonged clinches and fought cleanly because of their perfect fighting technique. In this match, both should have been declared winners, but it was K1 Quarter Final and one had to go in the semis.


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